Sunday, March 11, 2012


Just a few months ago, women were piling up against Obama - not a good sign as women traditionally vote more for Dems than Repubs.  Now we see the tide turning and the numbers have flipped, with even moderate Republican women considering voting Femocratic.  Why?  Well, it seems the Republican re-born obsession with controlling women's bodies is turning women away from whatever potential ticker might exist.  Both Santorum and Romney have made idiots of themselves trying to out-do each other when it comes to limiting contraceptives, making roe v wade more and more meaningless and in general intruding greatly into the personal lives of American women.

These are the same folks who want no part of government touching the lives of ordinary Americans - however, apparently intrusion into reproductive organs has never been more popular in the party of elephants.  Santorum in particular is throwing out line after line about how families should be run, women should stay home and home school, no pre-natal testing..........................the guy hasn't come up against a family issue for which he doesn't have the perfect solution.  Whereas he and Romney are neck and neck in the polls, more polls are showing the seismic defection of women away from their party, particularly in the all-important demographic of ages 34 - 56.

Thank God!!

Thursday, March 1, 2012

A New Casulty

Olympia Snowe, longtime Republican Senator from Maine, has decided to resign.  She cites the intense hostility in Congress as the main reason.

This is a big loss.  She was a rare creature in the Senate. Pro-choice, pro-health care, a Republican moderate.  She played well with others, reaching across the aisle.  Yet she was being hounded daily, in D.C. and at her Maine home, by the Tea Bag Party elements.  She wasn't __________ enough.  Just fill it in with anything.

What a sad commentary, yet we all knew it was happening.  Been happening.  What sane person would want to be an elected official these days?  I listen to the Republican debates and I cringe at the personal attacks.  It all starts with accusations of being a flip-flopper.  Well, if my ideas and beliefs haven't evolved between the ages 20 and 40, or any ten year time period, just shoot me now.   Yes, there are basic beliefs that don't evolve, but many do.

Take the war in Iraq.  At the time, it was a near unanimous vote - the President and his boss (Dick Cheney) said there were WMD there.  There weren't.  But how many people even grocked to the idea that Iraq had nothing to do with 9/11.  Lots of people came to regret their votes, and regret their support of the war as it dragged on.  But it's still brought up - as if an evolving idea is somehow a character flaw.

Would you like to run for public office, open yourself and your family to the near-delusional scrutiny that comes with the process?  I know I wouldn't.