Thursday, April 12, 2012

Good Health, Good News

for the first time in over 6 years, my partner has had two consecutive positive blood work-ups, three months apart.  you see, she has a mysterious, as-yet-undiagnosed blood disorder characterized by seemingly contradictory symptoms.  the first is blood clots in both her lungs and legs. this has happened four times and led to lengthy ICU stays.  often instantly fatal, we've been incredibly lucky.

the second is tenacious anemia, low hemoglobin.  this has led to extreme fatigue, mental haze and the like.  more times than i can remember she's had to undergo anywhere from 4 to 6 week courses of iron infusions.  she's also had blood transfusions.

so, one symptom is about over-coagulation and the other is about barely enough to even clot.

the illness has changed our lives drastically. rarely can we spontaneously go off on some small adventure, even a movie - it's now all about her energy level.  i do quite a bit more of the cooking, cleaning... household chores.   on the other hand, it's deepened our level of intimacy dramatically.  her illness has caused me to take better care of myself, because two sick people in the house REALLY doesn't work well.

four months ago, she finished with a 6 week course of iron infusion.  the doc had her come back a short time later for blood work up and the levels looked good.  so she sent us off for 3 months without any blood work (an eternity, comparatively).  my partner went in today for her three month check up and the levels are not just good, but even a little better than months ago.  holding steady is a  major triumph!!