Sunday, February 19, 2012

Separation between Church and State

Rick Santorum is getting way, way out of hand.  He's criticizing Obama for having the 'wrong theology', whatever that means.  I didn't know one could read the Bible wrong.  Santorum seems to think his interpretations of the Bible are the one and only correct ones.  This really isn't surprising - but it's getting out of control.

Santorum Sanctimonious has let his newfound power, after winning three non-binding caucuses/primaries, go to his head.  The only good thing about it is he seems to have knocked Gingrich out of the contest, becoming the evangelical alternative to Mitt Romney.  There's something rather scary about him, and it's not just his Tea Party backers.  It's that he truly seems to believe he is a Chosen One.

I don't want any Republican to win - but if Santorum becomes the nominee, the truest thing one could say is 'expect the unexpected'.  The far right fringes will have a candidate front-and-center, and that is just damn scary.

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  1. he makes me feel like we live in a different century. xo