Saturday, December 29, 2012


this fiscal cliff bullshit is ridiculous.  first the whole concept was created to do exactly opposite what's happening.  it was thought that if a series of extreme consequences stood at the end of a budgeting process, if the process failed, heaven and earth would be moved to make sure the appropriate steps were taken to avoid the endgame.  sounds good in theory, must have sounded good at the time -

- but what if congress could not agree on anything?  simply.could.not.agree.

i think if john boehner had the power to decide himself for his caucus, it would have happened, the cliff averted.  but there is a bloc of about 75 congress people who refuse to vote for anything except exactly what they want.  to these people, compromise is a sign of weakness.

to most of the world, the ability to compromise is a significant sign of maturity - not to these bubba's.

and therein lies the rub.  how do you govern if you can't compromise?

you can't.  you go off the fiscal cliff.  and everyone's taxes get raised on New Years's day.

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