Sunday, August 28, 2011

Deep in my Heart

I moved away from the East Coast in 1979, making Austin my new home.  I find, tho, the old saying to be correct:  you can take the woman out of New York, but you can't take New York out of the woman.  Still having family in NY certainly keeps the connection alive, but I would feel connected regardless - it's just in my DNA. 

So this week, as Hurricane Irene began it's journey to the heart of Manhattan, I felt the anxiety of a native.  In fact, I felt the intensity of Irene so much, I was surprised that it was clear and sunny where I actually lived - shouldn't there be storms here as well?   Well, no, here in Texas we're in the grips of a deadly heat wave and a deadlier drought.

I live in the heat, I dream in the storm - these two home states of mine, two home towns, as different as night and day.  I am bicultural.


  1. not sure how a NY girl makes it in Texas but i'm glad you've found home! i'm wishing peace and safety to all experiencing extreme weather! xo

  2. it's not really Texas, it's Austin - th blue city in the very red state