Sunday, August 21, 2011

First Post

I'm a blogger from the first wave of Google blogs.  You've heard the story - I blogged every day, visited other blogs religiously....and got burned out.  And now I'm back.

And what's new?  The country is in the grips of partisan death throes, and I long for a viable 3rd party.  As a liberal Democrat, I feel stuck with Obama - and I know a challenger would be committing political suicide. Obama's campaign highlighted his best and highest self - a man we've not seen outside of campaigning.  The Obama who governs is stuck in compromise mode, when what we need is a person who occasionally uses the bully pulpit, and a person unafraid to stick by a decision no matter what others say.

What else is new?  I've passed the age milestone that defines middle-middle-age - and I'm the better for it.  I don't sweat the small stuff.  I sweat what I don't understand...until I find a way to understand it.  I want to know 'why' a lot.  Some 'why's' are not to be answered, just accepted, and that's cool.  I live by the Serenity Prayer - trying to separate what I can change from what I must accept.  That's where my restlessness comes to bear.  I'll use this virtual space to work towards soothing my restlessness and increasing my understanding.

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