Friday, September 16, 2011

Hillary, among others

According to a recent Bloomberg Poll, nearly two-thirds of Americans approve of Hillary Rodham Clinton.  A tad of buyers' remorse?  I know I feel it.

I remember those high flying days of Hillary's campaign, waiting in the freezing cold to see her, hear her at a local arena.  I came late, and resentful, to the Obama camp.  Who knows what would have been - she would have inherited the same mess he did.  But......but......ah, we'll never know.

I'd love to speculate on a Hillary challenge to the incumbent, but it will never happen.  She's already said her current public service position will be her last, and who could blame her? 

Could there be a viable challenge to Obama?  The last time an incumbent was truly challenged, a Democrat incumbent, was when Ted Kennedy challenged Jimmy Carter.  What a fiasco that was - who can forget the infamous Roger Mudd interview when Mudd asked Kennedy why he wanted to be president.  There was a pause the length of which would challenge Rosemary Woods (there's an oldie but a goodie).  You could see Kennedy's brain trying to engage with something, anything, other than  "......................because that's what Kennedy men do!"  He was a better Senator than he would have been President.  A great example of a man who loved to work with others to compromise - but a leader when that's what was called for, unafraid to stand on his own.   He would have served as a great mentor to the sitting president, had he lived longer.

That's what we need and don't have - a true leader.  Compromise is great, but we all know where the buck stops.  It's just stopping, and keepin' on keeping on, and the bill gets higher and higher. 

On a more positive note, I passed a truck that had a picture of Rick Perry on it, with the caption:  "Does this ass make my truck look big?"  Pretty good for Perry-land!

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