Thursday, October 27, 2011


i can't help but compare the ignominious ends of both saddam and gaddafi - one in a spider hole, the other in a sewage drain.  it seemed both were surprised by the furor their presences created.  talk about denial.  both waged war on their own citizens, killing hundreds of thousands for one trumped up reason or another.   each flirted with nuclear weaponry.  gaddafi pepetrated one of the worst terrorist attacks against the US with the bombing of Pan Am flight 103, causing hundreds of deaths.  saddam's spinning of the tale of WMD caused bushco enough heartburn so as to cause him to go to war.  over 6000 deaths later, we're ostensibly withdrawing all troops by the end of this year.

i have no idea why the above formatted as it did.

anyhow, denial.   why was gaddafi so confused and surprised by the end as it unraveled?  when you surround yourself with yes-people, when no one sheds a light on can decide what reality is - until it rears up and bites you in the ass.

a dangerous game, believing your own propaganda, large or small scale.  regular person or dictator, make sure you have someone on your side not afraid to tell you the truth.......

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