Wednesday, October 5, 2011


At 54,  i find noticeable changes in my body that take some adjusting to. for example, last year as part of my physical, i asked my physician to check my hearing and sure enough, there were a couple of deficits.  the referral card still sits on my bedside.

i had shoulder surgery ages ago - 3 1/2 months ago, and i still have pain.  not just pain, but pain strong enough to require pain medication.  and frequent ice.  i have no doubt that had i had this surgery 20 years ago, the pain would be all gone and the arm/shoulder at full function.  i know, patience......

i don't grasp things in a split second.  very, very quickly, but a noticeable hesitation before the light bulb goes off.  noticeable to me, at least.  seems like it used to be different.

while i notice all the above, i feel OK with the changes, because of the other ones.  i feel wise at times.  i watch someone manifest my own hallmark impatience, and i know it, whatever "it", takes time.  i bring a multitude of experiences at my disposal from which to relate, to learn, to connect.

i've seen very, very difficult examples of aging and i know it is not for sissies.  but right now, i'm just old enough to know more.  not necessarily to know better, but to know more.  and that's a good place for now.  and just maybe i'll act on that referral to a hearing specialist.

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  1. lovely observations; thank you for these gracious words. and do see that hearing specialist. xo