Sunday, July 15, 2012

a great brunch

had brunch with a longtime friend today.  mike and i talked about everything under the sun, from the price of apple stock, to barbra streisand, to the recent supreme court health care ruling.  there's nothing like spending time with an old time buddy to feel good.

tonight i take kitty to another great restuarant, jack allen's kitchen, for a birthday dinner, her birthday (63!) being tomorrow.

it's been raining on and off for days so we have a rather unusual july sight for austin - green lawns and trees.  it NEVER rains mid-summer here.  last year we had over 100 days of over 100 degrees and no rain, this year it's mostly under 100 and rainy.  i'll deal with august in august. for now i'll enjoy the rain.

it's nice to feel a break from grief.

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