Thursday, July 12, 2012

it's complicated

just had a long talk with my brother about my father's estate. it's so convoluted and complicated and makes me feel sad.  my father was declining long before we thought he was, based on some of the confusion.  he wasn't thinking clearly for some time.  i wonder if we were all so focused on mom that we didn't see dad's health clearly, what if we had, and had gotten him serious help, not left it all up to self-report.  he was often overshadowed by mom - is this another example?

his decisions were not sound. his mind was not sound.  how tuned in was my oldest brother, he who was onsite the most?  he was often frustrated with my father and did some unwise things. he decided my father shouldn't take ambien, for example, so he cold-turkeyed him without benefit of medical input.  that act alone causes cognitive confusion.....i'm not saying this is all his fault. i wasn't there as often as i could be, i bear responsibility.

he's been gone just under 2 months.

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