Saturday, June 9, 2012

the business side

my brother is the executor of my father's estate, and yesterday we had "the talk".  i learned all about what remained and "the plans".  oh, everything is fine and equitable.  but i had the feeling the whole time that this was not information i should be hearing.  my parents were very private, even secretive, when it came to money.  they also did not believe it was a parent's job to financially assist their grown kids in any way.  that's just the way they were.

so to now be having this talk, about dividing up the assets between their adult kids - it was just weird.  it felt somehow disrespectful.

at the same time, i knew my parents greatly enjoyed the fruits of their labors.  They were world travelers, they had all they needed, and probably a great deal of what they wanted.  we were able to care excellent care of them as they aged and became ill over time.

i guess i just feel a bit guilty.   dividing up their assets.  just seems unnatural.

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