Sunday, August 5, 2012

odds & ends

it's the 50th anniversary of marilyn monroe's death - and she seems more alive than ever.  she died at age 36, and could not forsee the world's enduring fascination with her, or the enduring mystery. were the kennedy's involved in her death?  was it what it seemed - an overdose?  she seemed to try so hard to gain love, intimate as well as the public's.  what would she make of her enduring fame?

i'm enjoying the olympics mightily.  missy franklin, michael phelps, venus and serena, gabby douglas. stunning performances.  the guy with the cyber legs. andy murray, from GBR, winning the tennis - putting an end the england's enduring misery of a lack of tennis success.  and it's only halfway over!!

my deeply loved aunt had to stop getting the new york times, a newspaper in her dna.  my brother and i gifted her for her birthday this year with a subscription for fridays - sunday's,  after 3 false starts, today she finally started getting it.  she's so hard to gift with anything, a very proud woman. but the sun and moon and stars aligned and we had a perfect opportunity, so we took it.  and today she began getting it.  it feels so good to know we could do something for her, after a lifetime of receiving from her.

not the most fascinating blog, but felt like writing.....

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