Wednesday, August 29, 2012

republicans have center stage

competing with hurricane isaac, we now have the republicans in tampa trying to soften their image as a shrill and negative force.  ann romney spoke of her husband as a human, not the robot that's been on the campaign trail for eons.  she told diane sawyer she doesn't get nervous while speaking in public except when she has to talk about her horse.  so we know mitt is not a horse.  tonight the primetime treat is paul "no abortions" ryan.

gone is the talk of draconian medicare cuts, the abortion plank in the party that eschews abortions even in the case of rape and incest.   nowhere is there a disparaging word for immigrants or welfare recipients.  it's like the last few months of heated rhetoric hadn't existed.  except of course for barack obama.  obama's role in this convention is to play the boogeyman, the master of all things evil.  such is the nature of nominating conventions.

tomorrow night we get to see a kinder, gentler mitt romney, trying like crazy to harden the support for him, still tepid despite all efforts.

the republicans have their work cut out for them. supporters of ron paul almost took control yesterday - now those people actually feel passion for their candidate, a passion that mitt's millions can't buy.

the republicans are beset by internecine fragmentation, with standard republicans at odds with the tea party.  the tea party - a group of people and elected officials proud of their unwillingness to compromise.  and who is their standard bearer?  why, paul ryan, a wolf dressed in sheep's clothing.

and in the background is hurricane isaac.

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