Saturday, October 20, 2012

poltical reality

the politics of the day are becoming rather scary.  it seems there's a real chance romney/ryan could win.

what i don't get is how a sane woman could vote this ticket.  pro-choice would go out the window, and what woman would not worry about that?  if not for herself than for her daughters, friends, women in general.  i think we suffer a surfeit of women who either remember the deaths pre-roe v. wade or suffer from an extreme lack of imagination.  pro-choice also means pro-contraceptive, and romney is on record as being against carte-blanche coverage of birth control in health insurance. the employer would get to pick if it was covered or not.

and now we have idiots saying medical technology is so advanced, there would never be a need for an abortion to save the life of a pregnant woman. as if.   why is it that only men come up with this ludicrous stuff?  we're still trying to bat down tadd akin, he of the 'women can control 'down there' and make sure they don't get pregnant if raped.  oh, i simplify.  i forgot about 'legitimate' rape.  again, why is it that men come up with this stuff and not women.  because most women know better!

i think there must be quite a few women concerned about romney-talk who've painted themselves into a corner by committing to him. and we have quite a lot of women out of child bearing age (exemplified by the RNC) enthusiastically supporting romney/ryan.

perhaps i reveal my bias too much, but i keep coming back to what sane woman would support these cavemen???

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