Monday, October 1, 2012

raising expectations...odd

i think the republican establishment is setting mitt romney up.  oh, i'm not sad about it, but i do find it interesting.  notable republicans, john mccain among them, are talking about how well mitt is going to do in the upcoming debate, what a great chance he has.  there are several similar stories floating around the news sites on the internet.

mitt needs a "there you go again" moment, a "you, sir, are no jack kennedy" knife to throw.  obama is not going to give it to him.  it's being said that romney has a pile of one-liners to lay on obama.  i can see mitt panting in his corner, all eager to have obama walk into one of his traps.  barack obama is an exceedingly cautious man - he's going to look both ways before he crosses romney's street.

the usual modus operandi before a debate is to lower expectations, so that if the candidate breathes throughout the time he's exceeded his own expectations.  what gives?

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