Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Year

happy new year to my small but devoted following.  it's been awhile between posts.  the holidays got life busy in the usual way - and i am so happy it's time to turn the page.

2011 is best left to the history books, my personal one and that of the world.  two surgeries for me, and medical complications for my spouse.  she had a bone marrow biopsy last month and recouped slowly but surely.  and what do we know now that we didn't know then?  not much, but an appointment with her hemotologist to come.

which brings me to doctors and the medical world.  the only way to be a happy medical patient is to be empowered.  i fired one of her doc's (with her blessing) and changed another - and we are still in medical mystery-land.  he blood either clots in the wrong places (like her lungs), or takes on the exhaustion of anemia.  for no known reason.  five years since the first blood clot. 

it's time for a consult, and we have a doctor friend who is finding us a good doc for a consult.

more will be revealed.................

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