Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Where Has He Been????

i liked the state of the union speech.  i thought "that's a guy i would vote for!".  then i realized i did vote for him - but where has he been?  he was confrontive, assertive/aggressive, master of his facts....he spoke as a leader.  where has he been?

it seems there's a difference between president obama and candidate obama, and the latter can kick ass far better than the former.  oh, don't get me wrong, i don't want my president to go around kicking ass all day, but i do want him to be confrontive and in-your-face when it comes to the important issues of the day.  the president doesn't do this near enough.

last night he talked about taking executive action - issuing a law by decree if it fails to get through congress.  bushco did this frequently.  as long as the powers of the presidency have been expanded, i want my president to take advantage of these new powers.  the approval rating for congress ranks in the teens - let the president enact some new programs by signing them into law, without waiting for all the watered down versions of whatever programs to eke out of a stalemated, broken congress!

the man who spoke last night had fire in his belly.  i want the occupant of the oval office to have some as well.

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