Saturday, January 21, 2012

Newt Takes It

looks like newt won south carolina, which is kinda fascinating in a train wreck kinda way.  the whole character issue came into sharp relief earlier in the week when his ex-wife marianne gave an interview describing some of newt's despicable behavior - but it didn't seem to cause a ripple of distress in the gingrich campaign.  in fact, when john king brought it up during the last debate, it was king who got booed.  this in holier-than-thou south carolina.

one thing these results do is stop the march of romney inevitability.  mitt lost two primaries this week, what with the iowa caucus results being changed, in favor of santorum.

so we have three election contests and three winners.  does the momentum swing to newt in any lasting way?  he seems utterly unelectable to me.  he's been surging ever since he bared his claws and started full throttle after romney.  could it be that the nastier he gets, the more attractive he is to voters?

santorum's got to be feeling low.  after much public angst, the evangelical coalition decided to endorse rick - and it's had no effect whatsoever.  which holds some joy for me - that the endorsement of a large group of homophobic, essentially judgmental and hateful people means zip.

romney is the biggest loser tonite.  the guy can't buy a break.  and i dread hearing newt tonight. on a bad day his ego is all-invasive, but on a day when he actually wins a primary, and an important one...

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